neděle 28. února 2010

Z pohádky do pohádky / Royal Family Cupcakes

Toto nejsou jen obyčejné vanilkové dortíky (tzv. cupcakes, které jistě z mého blogu již dobře znáte). Jsou kouzelné, každý z nich v sobě skrývá pohádku. Záleží už jen na oslavencově fantazii.

Takovéto malé dortíky jsou jako stvořené pro dětské narozeninové oslavy. Stačí je jen sladit s tématem oslavy. Výsledek je velice efektní, ať už vytvoříte malé piráty, kočičky nebo jako v mém případě pohádkové postavy. Fantazii se meze nekladou. Děti Vám jistě rády pomohou jak s návrhem designu, tak se samotným zdobením. Přípravu oslavy si tak užije celá rodina.

These aren't just ordinary vanilla and white chocolate cupcakes; each of them is hiding a fairytale.  

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  1. Hana,

    I've been coming back for hours, trying to comment on these charming little faces---I'm seeing King, Queen, Princess and Prince? And I don't recognize the little one in the jingle-hat---is he a jester?

    Could you elaborate on the "hiding" part---something secret inside the cupcakes? Or a tale which they're all telling. I'm afraid I don't know that fairytale, or don't think I do.

    I don't know how you do it---those precious little faces are looking right AT me, and smiling. And who but an artist of your finesse would put earrings or hairbows or SIDEBURNS on a cupcake!!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for your cute comment :)

    Yes, all of them are hiding a fairytale. The little boy with the jingle hat is a jester.

    They used to have a very important role. They were the only members of the court who could present their own opinion and never be punished for it, even if it was the kind of truth which the King didn't really want to hear.

    Traditionlly, they appear in all Czech fairytales abour Kings and Queens. They are very loyal to their King and are often the Prince's or Princess's best friend.

    Thanks, I like to bring my cupcake characters alive by those little details :)

  3. Hi Hana
    Absolutely gorgeous - as usual. You are becoming very talented at this and you have such good ideas.
    Margaret xx

  4. Thank you very much, Margaret.


    Hana XX

  5. you are right, this kind of cupcakes are such a great gift, especially for children. I made cupcakes with animals for a party and all the kids was so so happy and have so much fun with them. How you make the cupcakes so round perfect?

  6. The trick is to let the ganache set before you cover the cupcakes with fondant and then buff up the surface with a square of OHT (the good old school overhead transparency). OHT is as smooth as a cake smoother but it is flexible so it's peferct for small and round cupcake or any other small cakes or sufaces, which require smoothing.

  7. i'm sorry, but i don't understand what OHT is.

  8. It's a flexible material or transparency or foil of A4 size used in schools to project documents on the walls by using an overhead projector. You can buy it in a stationary store or if you can't find it, you can also use film negatives as it is pretty much the same thing.

    I hope this helps :)


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