neděle 20. února 2011

Na rybách / Gone fishing

Berou? A jak...

Popusťte uzdu své fantazii a zapojte podložku pod dortem do svého příběhu. Dort pak dostane úplně jiný rozměr. Na pískovou pěšinku jsem použila třtinový cukr a travičku stačí na podložku nastrouhat jemným struhadlem. Kreativitě se meze nekladou. Přidejte jako já pár hříbků nebo třeba žabky či  kačenky. Podobné detaily okouzlí nejen ty nejmenší. 

Sluníčko si pohrává se stíny, vlnky šplouchají o bok loďky, v dálce šumí rákosí a nad hladinou se mihne vážka.

I love playing with the potential of a display board. It provides another dimension to the whole look and design of the cake. We shouldn't forget about them when designing our cakes.
So let's hope the fish are biting.

7 komentářů:

  1. How very charming and SO accurate! It's so nice to see you again so soon, and you HAVE been busy---I'm so glad.

    This is just precious, and any of the guys in my family would be amazed and delighted to get a cake even remotely like this. Your attention to detail is meticulous---the diagonally-cut oar so it "disappears" and the cat-tails.

    I'd never thought of your having cat-tails in your country---they seem such an old Southern Bubba of a plant.

    Thank you again, for the delightful pictures!


  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments :) It took a while but it was worth it. I love working on details.

    Yes, cat-tails grow around ponds, lakes and rivers in CZ, they are actually quite common.

    Keep an eye out as my niece's Birthday is coming up. We'll wait and see what cake she chooses.

    Take care,

    Hana :)

  3. HANA!! The picture of your gorgeous engagement cake is featured on CAKE WRECKS today!!!

    I sent it in months ago, to show them your great talent, and today, it's THERE!

    They list it as "baker unknown" but I'm off to give them your link.

    I'm SO proud of you!!!


  4. HANA! You're featured on CAKE WRECKS today!!! Sundays are always for the best of the best work, and it's a great honor to be among the cakes displayed.

    I sent in your engagement cake months ago, and today's the day they used Wedding Cakes.

    Go look!! I've e-mailed them your name, for they didn't use it when they posted the picture.


  5. Wow, thanks Rachel, I'll definitely have a look.

    Hana :)

  6. Krásné!!!, Hani. Moc krásné :-))!!! Jitka

  7. Děkuju mooooooooc!!!!!! :)))


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